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30 Day Protection against Viruses and Pathogen

Virus and Pathogen Free

30 Day Barrier Protection
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Industry-Leading Sanitisation, Disinfection and 30 Day Anti-Virus Barrier Protection Service


Touch Zone Clean offers an industry-leading sanitisation, disinfection and 30 day anti-virus barrier protection service that will deliver ongoing protection against virus infection by touch.

We use a simple but highly effective and eco-friendly chemical process that will ensure that when we apply the coating, the solution will bond correctly and completely to surfaces, providing long-lasting (typically 30 day) protection against harmful pathogens on all touch points treated.

Whether you have had a COVID-19 confirmed case or you just want you, your staff, and customers to feel safe premises, we can provide protection against viruses and pathogens in your premises or home.


Help Prevent Sick Days in the Workplace.

30 Day protection against touch transmission of viruses

How we work


Touch Zone Clean has one simple aim; to reduce the risk of infection by touch in commercial and residential premises. To achieve this, we first identify all touch points. These are then sanitised, disinfected and covered with an antimicrobial solution to provide a barrier against harmful bacteria and pathogens for a longer period of time than simple disinfectant can effect.

What’s different about Touch Zone Clean is that not only do we follow a justified disinfecting ‘best practice’ procedure to ensure the most effective protection against virus infection, we also include ATP testing throughout the process so that both we and our clients can be satisfied that the service is quality-controlled and of a high efficiency.

We also pride ourselves on offering a top quality service for a commercially reasonable price. We believe in working together in business for the good of all, especially in the fight against harmful viruses and bacteria that threaten our communities and currently, our way of life.

When you book a Touch Zone Clean service, you get:

  1. A thorough cleaning and sanitisation of all surfaces, as part of our ‘best practice’ procedure* – a step beyond cleaning, sanitisation kills a greater amount of bacteria to decrease infection risk. Missing this initial deep clean in such services is both pointless and costly, as surfaces need to be free of dust, debris etc to really take effect.
  2. The spraying of all touch points within the premises with powerful disinfectant to kill any existing viruses or harmful bacteria* – using an electrostatic spray, we coat all surfaces with disinfectant to ensure effective coverage and cleanliness. We then allow sufficient time for this to take effect, then test using ATP methods to ensure that surfaces are ready for antimicrobial coating.
  3. A coating with an antimicrobial solution to provide a long-lasting barrier protection against viruses and pathogens – we apply an antimicrobial solution using electrostatic spray technology, providing your premises with 360 degree coverage.
  4. The use of electrostatic spray technology when applying solutions, to provide superior 360 degree coverage –  essential to achieve a thorough, effective coating.
  5. ATP testing throughout the process – to ensure the achievement of quality control and ‘best in class’ service delivery
For Ongoing Barrier Protection:
To significantly reduce the risk of infection by touch, we recommend that antimicrobial coating is reapplied no longer than 30 days after the initial application, for ongoing barrier protection. Providing that this is adhered to, it should not be necessary to disinfect every time, as the coating has been providing barrier protection against harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Reduce the risk of virus and pathogen infection within your home.

Keeping your family and friends safe


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So what does the service consist of?
The sanitising then spray-treating of all touch points in identified zones within your outlet. Touch points are the surfaces where you, your staff and your customers are most at risk from infection by shared touch. The service is all about reducing the risk of infection by touch, so we will treat all your main touch points inside but also your letterbox, door knocker, bell, waste bins etc. Once surfaces have been treated with the antimicrobial surface protection product via electrostatic spray guns, they will represent a sealed barrier to viruses and harmful bacteria.The antimicrobial surface protection can also be applied to fabrics and items such as chairs, one of the advantages of using an electrostatic instrument, is that it provides 360 degree coverage.
How safe is this barrier protection product?
Very safe! Antimicrobial surface protection is constructed differently to common ‘hard’ chemical cleaning products. It is eco-friendly and completely safe for humans, and is the choice of such mainstream health and public organisations as the NHS and London Underground.
Unlike other similar products on the market at the moment, areas that have been treated by antimicrobial surface protection can be entered immediately after application. There is no need for any delay or ‘settling’ period.
I am continually disinfecting, surely thats good enough ?
When applied correctly, disinfectant will kill viral pathogens. However, even the strongest brand will only work for a maximum of 4 hours. As the liquid drys, it becomes less effective. The difference with barrier protection is it gives ongoing protection for longer periods. Think of it as an added layer of protection. Also by using Electrostatic spray guns we can ensure far superior 360 degree coverage getting into areas that your staff may miss.
When will the service be carried out?
We will agree a visit time with you. This can be out of opening hours if you wish. However, once scheduled, the appointment must be adhered to as Touch Zone Clean operatives work to tightly managed and timed schedules. This is to enable us to be able to keep our fees as low as possible.
How do I book the service?
Just get in touch with us. We will then book an appointment to visit your premises so that we can identify all touch points and provide you with a quote. If you decide to go ahead, we will arrange a date and time for Touch Zone Clean to carry out your initial sanitising and application service then follow-up visits to keep your premises protected and safe. To arrange your service, please contact  rob@touchzoneclean.com
How long will a visit last?
This will depend largely on the individual premises. We will provide you with timings after the initial consultation for your particular premises and needs. The first visit will take longer, as we will prep and sanitise all surfaces before applying the antimicrobial surface protection product. After this, the visits will be shorter as we re-apply the barrier throughout the premise’s touch zones.
Why do you recommend a new application every 28 days?
Tests have shown that the solution starts to lose its effectiveness after 30 days. Therefore, all outlets and users of Zoono and other similar products re-apply the solution roughly every 28 days to keep the barrier constantly working at its optimum level.

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