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Virus Protection | Touch Zone Clean

Get your house sanitised to a hospital grade.

Was £126.99 NOW ONLY £95

A sanitisation and virus barrier
protection service

Advanced Residual Anti-microbial Technology has the potential to revolutionise sanitisation. Of that, we have no doubt.

However, to achieve effective virus and bacteria barrier protection, it is vital that the correct procedures are implemented. On the face of it, a team of ‘operatives’ wearing protective suits and armed with what appears to be the latest in spray technology can make good on their promise to make your building or premises sanitised and safe.

But it isn’ t just a case of ‘spray and wipe’ , so if you are serious about introducing an
anti-bacterial barrier system that will properly protect your customers, staff and yourselves, then do please contact us.

We follow a thorough disinfectant pre-cleaning procedure as instructed by industry experts,
backed up by a leading eco-friendly anti-bacterial barrier product applied via electrostatic spray guns. We will be happy to advise you wherever we can on how best to protect your premises against viruses and harmful bacteria.

Residental Protection

Bringing virus protection into your home keeping you and your family safe from infection.

Retail/Public Protection

Protecting your customers and your staff from virus including COVID 19.

Office/Factory Protection

Protecting your workforce and visitors from virus including COVID 19.