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Who are Touch Zone Clean? | Touch Zone Clean

About Touch Zone Clean

We aim to be a respected organisation within the cleaning, sanitisation and the emerging virus barrier protection industries.We will use and promote products and services while practicing leadership that is environmentally and socially responsible.

15 years ago we created Email Mum with a strong ethos at its heart and we have grown to as a business where everyone shares common values of trust, honesty, understanding, respect and empathy to each others needs plus a commitment to outstanding service delivery. We are proud of our team and their help and support to achieve our vision.

Touch Zone Clean is an extension of this vision.

The role of Touch Zone Clean is to reduce the risk of infection by touch. To achieve this we deliver a specialised virus and bacteria barrier protection service to homes, businesses and public places.

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How do we do this?

We use a antimicrobial surface protection product, an advanced solution which creates an antimicrobial barrier on touch points by bonding to surfaces.
 The  antimicrobial surface protection conforms to regulations from around the world and has passed antimicrobial efficacy tests. These products are  currently being used by the NHS and the London Underground and many other large organisations both in the UK and globally.
We apply the antimicrobial surface protection using electrostatic technology to ensure the correct application resulting in long lasting protection due to its unique bonding properties.

All Touch Zone Clean personnel receive comprehensive training so that they can make a valuable contribution and be part of a fully committed team delivering our unique quality controlled service.
We have audited quality control systems to ensure the correct application procedure. Testing is carried out with EnSURE™ Touch, a next-generation quality monitoring system, to achieve the correct level of cleaning and sanitisation before applying the barrier protection solution.

We encourage our team to share our values and commitment to a high standard of service delivery by good leadership and coaching.
We monitor performance levels and service delivery by in-house and random on site spot checks using EnSURE Touch.
We have been accredited by Alcumus SafeContractor UK. The largest UK-based, in-house team of health and safety auditors.


Company History

Touch Zone Clean is part of Email Mum Ltd. Founded in February 2005 by Wendy and Jim Woolfe, Email Mum is a family run business which provides an exclusive tailor-made housekeeping service that successfully meets the needs of today’s busy individuals.
We have developed a proven leadership model that will ensure Touch Zone Clean becomes a valued part of the Email Mum family.

When we formed Email Mum we asked ourselves – what values did we feel that were the most important if we were to successfully build a people empowered organisation. We agreed on our values and laid out our vision putting both at the heart of our business. This to guide us and to ensure that we did not lose sight of the organisation that we wanted to be part of.

To this day our vision statement continues to guide us in everything that we do. From the services that we provide, the way we treat each other within our company and our relationships with clients, suppliers and stakeholders.

Touch Zone Clean will share and become part of our vision.

Vision Statement

We will build and run Touch Zone Clean around the core Email Mum values of honesty, trust and fairness for all. We believe that it is our personal responsibility to ensure that our values guide us in all of our business relationships.


Honesty: We will treat everyone we interact with in our business with complete honesty and openness. When we make mistakes or bad judgements it will be our duty to do what we can to correct our actions. We recognise that our business objectives will place us in direct competition with other commercial organisations and we will not compromise our values to try to gain unfair advantage.
Understanding: We will aim to develop in our business relationships an understanding and respect of others’ values and needs.
Trust: Our values will help us to build up trust in each other leading to open and supportive relationships.
Reward: We will value contribution from others and aim to reward in a fair and beneficial way. We will support each other in trying to achieve our goals.