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Antimicrobial Coating Vs. Disinfectant | Touch Zone Clean

Antimicrobial Coating Vs. Disinfectant – What is the Difference?

One of the questions we are often asked is ‘why do I need Antimicrobial coating when I am disinfecting on a regular basis?’ A brief explanation of the properties of both may help to provide the answer to this question.

Disinfection is a strong decontamination method because of its ability to destroy harmful pathogens. However, once dry, it evaporates and is therefore no longer effective, allowing viral pathogens to form again.

In contrast, Antimicrobial coating is either applied to surfaces or integrated in the matrix of the surface material, and prevents the growth and viability of bacteria and viruses/pathogens for extended periods of time, acting as an effective barrier for much longer than any disinfectant. Nordic Chem Antimicrobial coating has been scientifically proven by an independent UK certified laboratory to still be destroying 99% of human Coronovirus germs 30 days after it was applied to surfaces.

So the benefit of Antimicrobial coating over and above disinfectant is simply that it reduces the need to continuously deep clean surfaces and touch points to ensure they’re virus free. The protective barrier nature of this product compared to disinfectant is that it not only saves time and resources for establishments, it also provides a superior protection against infection by touch.

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