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Email Mum FAQ | Touch Zone Clean

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How does this service differ from Email Mum housekeeping?

Email Mum is a bespoke housekeeping service, totally exclusive to you and your home, and tailored to your requirements with your own housekeeper. Touch Zone Clean, however, is completely focused on one objective – barrier protection against viruses and harmful bacteria. Developed for the commercial market, we quickly realised we could also deliver this effective service to Email Mum clients, if they wanted enhanced protection in their homes against viral infection by touch.
The Email Mum housekeeper will perform different tasks in each home, prioritising where needed and completing an exclusively personal domestic clean for each of their clients’ homes, to their specifications and visit time requirements. It is a very personalised role, as is the Email Mum domestic housekeeping service overall.
Touch Zone Clean personnel have a completely different role in that they will always carry out the same task in each premises; that is, applying an anti-virus barrier protection product to all touch points once sanitised, and carrying out pericardial tests. This is a fixed, simple service with stunning safety results, repeated on a 28-day cycle to maintain barrier protection.

So what does the service consist of?

The sanitising then spray-treating of all touch points in identified zones within a home or premises. Touch points are the surfaces where you are most at risk from infection by shared touch. The service is all about reducing the risk of infection by touch, so we will treat all your main touch points around the home but also your letterbox, door knocker, bell, waste bins etc. Once surfaces have been treated with the Zoono barrier protection product via electrostatic spray guns, they will represent a sealed barrier to viruses and harmful bacteria.

Zoono can also be applied to fabrics and items such as toys, one of the advantages of using an electrostatic instrument, as it provides 360 degree coverage.

Please note – if you want to add a lot of extra items to be sprayed on top of main touch points, we would require a list of these and would then work out if we have to charge an additional small fee for their inclusion in the basic service.

How safe is this barrier protection product?

Very safe! Zoono is constructed differently to common ‘hard’ chemical cleaning products. It is eco-friendly and completely safe for pets (and humans!), and is the choice of such mainstream health and public organisations as the NHS and London Underground. Unlike other similar products on the market at the moment, areas that have been treated by Zoono can be entered immediately after application. There is no need for any delay or ‘settling’ period.

How do I book the service?

Just get in touch with us, and we will arrange a date and time for Touch Zone Clean to carry out your initial sanitising and application service then follow up visits to keep your home/premises protected and safe.
Please either contact us through Email Mum (support@emailmum.com) or directly to rob@touchzoneclean.com to arrange.

When will the service be carried out?

You will be given a timed appointment, which must be adhered to, as Touch Zone Clean operatives work to tightly managed and timed schedules.

How will Touch Zone Clean operatives gain access to properties?

In the same way Email Mum housekeepers do i.e. we can either hold a key for your property* or you can be at home at the appointed time for personnel to gain access.
*NB. As TZC operatives are not exclusive, all property keys will be held securely at the management office

How long will a visit last?

This will depend largely on the individual property, and if any extra items are to be included in the basic main touch point treatment. But we would expect the first visit to take around 45 minutes for a three-bedroom property, as we will prep and sanitise all surfaces before applying the Zoono barrier protection product.
Follow up visits should take between 20-30 minutes.

Why do you have to re-visit every 28 days?

Tests have shown that the solution starts to lose its effectiveness after 30 days. Therefore, all outlets and users of Zoono and other similar products re-apply the solution roughly every 28 days to keep the barrier working at its optimum level.

Can my Email Mum Housekeeper apply this barrier protection as part of our normal visit?

Not at the moment, no. The equipment and products used in the Touch Zone Clean service are expensive and exclusive, and we will not be able to issue these to all of our housekeeping team.
Also, the services cannot run alongside each other. They must be undertaken separately, so you would need to book extra time for the barrier protection service to be carried out.

You have recently provided my housekeeper with an extra disinfectant. Won’t that do the job?

When applied correctly, disinfectant will kill viral pathogens. However, even the strongest brand will only work for a maximum of 4 hours at a time. As the liquid dries, it becomes less effective. This is why many public places have to constantly disinfect in order to remain sanitised and safe. An advanced residual anti-microbial virus barrier solution like Zoono will, when correctly applied, create a protective bond that will kill harmful bacteria and viruses as they land on the surface for up to 30 days at a time.