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How does Antimicrobial Protection work? | Touch Zone Clean

How does Antimicrobial Surface Protection works

A great way to understand Antimicrobial Surface Protection is to compare it to standard disinfecting procedures which until now has been the accepted way to control infection by surface touch.

Standard disinfectant works by killing a pathogen/virus on contact. The disinfectant is sprayed on the surface to achieve sanitisation. The issue with this method is that once the disinfectant dries the surface will start to become contaminated again. The only way to ensure that surfaces remain completely free of pathogens is to continuously disinfect, preferably every 30 minutes. But for many outlets, this is both costly and impractical, so most outlets will compromise by disinfecting “on demand”.

An Antimicrobial solution works completely differently. Surfaces are coated with the solution and once the coating has dried it forms an invisible layer of “nanospikes” that penetrate and destroy cell membranes, creating a protective barrier against pathogens. This prevents the surface becoming re-contaminated as the pathogens cannot “live” on the barrier surface.

Antimicrobial surface protection will offer longer lasting ongoing protection against infection by touch


Superior virus and bacteria barrier protection for your retail business.

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