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How we work | Touch Zone Clean

How we work

Touch Zone Clean operatives follow a best practice procedure to ensure that all stages of our process are adhered to, to ensure effective virus barrier protection.

Touch Zone Clean offers a unique service to help all outlets achieve this.

  • Application of an advanced anti-bacterial barrier product that protects against bacteria and viruses
  • Time is allowed for the disinfectant to work.
  • All touch points are dried to ensure that any residue is removed. This is vital, as any residue left will affect the bounding properties of the virus barrier solution.
  • Testing with an ATP machine is carried out to ensure that surfaces have been properly cleaned.

We then apply the virus barrier solution using Electrostatic Guns. We use thisequipment as the technology gives 360 degree coverage, providing a better level of protection.

To significantly reduce the risk of infection by touch, we recommend that barrier protection
is re-applied no longer than 30 days after the initial application

If you require ongoing protection, we will revisit 28 days from your initial application andcarry out all steps as above, with the exception of Step 4. This is because the virus barrier
solution has been providing ongoing protection. If you would like us to perform a test, we can. However, you would need to request this 72 hours before your scheduled visit.
Re-applications that fall outside of the 30 day safe period will have to be re-tested with anATP machine as at Step 4.

Ongoing Quality Control

Touch Zone Clean operatives receive comprehensive training so that they fully understand the importance of following our best practice procedure, and they have the competence to
deliver our unique highly effective virus barrier protection service. However, to ensure thatour service levels are maintained to our high standards, we carry out random on-site spot checks.