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Office/Factory | Touch Zone Clean

A safe place to work for you and your staff

Is a clean, safe environment important for your business and the staff you employ?
Illness and infection can have a significant impact on businesses. You can reduce your chances of cross-contamination and illness, as well as demonstrating that your company cares about its staff and safety in its procedures and premises, by reducing the spread of pathogens.
Touch Zone Clean can help you achieve this. Our electrostatic spray service using an advanced anti-bacterial barrier product, gives a more complete and consistent coverage to protect against bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19. It keeps surfaces safe and hygienic for longer, without the hassle of having to sterilise every day.
 One application of antimicrobial protection provides germ-free surfaces. We suggest reapplying within 30 days for ongoing protection.

If you feel we can help you to promote your outlet as a safe Touch Zone, please get in touch

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