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Appling antimicrobial protection | Touch Zone Clean

Techniques to apply antimicrobial surface protection – delivery method

There are 3 ways to apply a virus barrier or disinfectant to your business or home.

1- Manual application with spray bottle and cloth
2- Misting/Fogging machine
3 – Electrostatic machine

So let us briefly examine each method.

1. Manual application

Although this method is less efficient than the other methods it is perfectly fine if you do not have the equipment. You just need to ensure that you follow a few simple steps. First as always you must ensure that the surface is cleaned thoroughly. If this is the first application then disinfect before applying antimicrobial surface protection . If you can spray the application direct from a trigger bottle and ensure that you spray as much of the area as possible. Always spray behind door handles. Because this method uses more solution you may notice some residue. Antimicrobial surface protection needs to be allowed to dry on to the surface to create the bond so do not be tempted to wipe this off.
When would you use a cloth ?
Items such as remote control units or in fact anything electrical should not be sprayed. In this instance ensure that plenty of solution is sprayed on to to a clean cloth and apply the solution using the cloth trying not to rub in too much, Just let the solution dry and bond to the item.

2. Misting/Fogging machines

Fogging machines create a fog of fine droplets giving a touch-less application as the droplets passively deposit on the surfaces, It is an efficient way of applying a solution particularly when compared to a manual application. When fogging surfaces, such as door handles, you would need to ensure that the area is covered. Because of this fogging can use significantly more solution than an electrostatic spray gun and coverage may not be as thorough.

3. Electrostatic spray gun

Electrostatic application creates a fine mist just like the fogging technique BUT it positively charges the droplets. The solution is attracted to the neutral or negative charged surfaces and bond with a 360 degree effect. This gives a big advantage over both fogging and manual application and as the application process is more efficient less solution is used.

Touch Zone Clean has adopted the electrostatic spray technique for application wherever suitable. This allows us to carry out the task quickly and efficiently delivering the best possible protection.



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